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Cultural Diversity and Equity

We bring two important, complementary approaches to this work: an intercultural development perspective, and a commitment to recognizing the role played by power, marginalization and privilege, as we work to build equitable, inclusive organizations and communities.

Intercultural development, or the development of intercultural competence, is an ongoing process through which we can deepen our understanding of our own and others' cultures and perspectives, and strengthen our ability to interact effectively with people who have different cultural perspectives. We can help you develop and implement training, shared experiences, development plans and organizational change initiatives to build intercultural competence and inclusiveness.

Our NEW organizational tool, the Diamond Inclusiveness Assessment, can help you to assess, understand and strengthen your organization's cultural inclusiveness across eight dimensions. We also administer and interpret the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) to ground and target intercultural development interventions. The IDI supports both organizational and individual development.

In addition to culture, people's experiences and identities, along with organization and community cultures and dynamics, are shaped by power imbalances and systems of dominance, privilege and exclusion that advantage and disadvantage groups in our society, institutions and organizations, based on race, class, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical abilities, occupation, and more. These power dynamics, and their impacts in our daily lives and our institutions, must be examined and acknowledged in order for all of us to participate in transforming these systems and building equitable communities.

We can help you develop and implement training and organizational change initiatives that aim for deepening understanding, alliance building, and alignment toward equity, not 'shaming and blaming'. We take an inclusive approach that facilitates full engagement of all participants, even as we focus on a particular system of oppression, such as racism, or a particular aspect of equity, such as racial equity.

We work with adults and youth of all ages on intercultural competence, inclusion, and equity, including schools, teachers, youth workers, as well as students/young people--see for example New Friends and Fair Play.
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