Sheronda Orridge
Loving Spirit Life Coach Academy (L.L.C.)

Sheronda Orridge, Owner /President of Loving Spirit life coach academy, was born and raised in Chicago, IL, Sheronda came to the Twin Cities in March of 1995 with her then six-month old daughter in search of a better life. Realizing that a better life meant being part of a healthy community, creating healthy communities soon became Sheronda’s life‘s work and mission.
In March of 2000, Sheronda became an entrepreneur and started a home daycare business, (A Mother’s Touch Daycare), focused on children with behavioral and mental issues. Through her one-one-one work with children, Sheronda began noticing the positive changes in the children’s behaviors. She took this work a step further by connecting the children’s families to resources and supporting them in building a strong and healthy community.
As a direct result of her work with children and families, in 2004 Sheronda started a consulting business, Loving Spirit Community Consulting, that focuses on issues and systems that directly impact the health of communities such as education, welfare, child protection, homelessness, and the justice systems.
2004-2009 Sheronda has worked with various non-profits, churches, public and charters school in the Twin Cities as a Community Systems Navigator to develop and implement curriculum and to facilitate learning on numerous topics, including employment search, self esteem, goal setting, diversity, racial tolerance, parenting, teen pregnancy prevention, girl circles, cooking, nutrition and spoken word.
In December 2009, after simultaneously operating both A Mother’s Touch Daycare and Loving Spirit Community Consulting for several years, Sheronda made the decision to concentrate her efforts solely to focus her time, energy and commitment towards building strong and healthy communities.
Sheronda is a certified Doula I.C.T.C.( International Center for Traditional Childbearing) master certified coach, associate certified coach, life coach and youth coach, she is also a certified life coach trainer, pregnancy coach trainer, goal attainment coach trainer, and is accredited and a member of the I.C.B. (International Coaching Bureau).
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