Sally Brown's skills include:
• Program design and development
• Program management, supervision and administration
• Budgeting and financial management
• Training and facilitation
• Project planning and evaluation
• Collaboration and partnerships
• Fundraising and grant-writing
Sally is known for creative leadership, teamwork, commitment to inclusion and dedication.

Some of Sally’s significant accomplishments:
• Began the first school for children with intellectual and emotional disabilities in Fiji
• Researched and developed the Community Youth Development and Vital Neighborhoods Frameworks, including the design of brochures displaying the frameworks, for the Wilder Foundation
• Created numerous new and innovative service models
• Adapted the Neighborhood Leadership Program (NLP) for special populations including public housing residents, Latina and Karen communities
• Designed the multicultural Youth Leadership Initiative (YLI) for the Wilder Foundation
• Researched and developed the Social Justice Organization Assessment and Reflection tool

Sally’s academic background, work experience and community affiliations include:
• BA in psychology from Middlebury College
• MA and MEd in special education from Columbia University, Teachers’ College
• Peace Corps member in Fiji
• Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, various leadership positions
• Numerous trainings and certificates in facilitation, cultural competence/inclusion, nonprofit management, fundraising, advocacy
• Presenter at numerous conferences
• Board member of Gray Panthers, both nationally and locally
• Board member Community Shares of Minnesota