Nickyia Cogshell is a Youth Development Consultant with fifteen years experience working with youth in historically underserved communities and adults who serve them. She has worked in many capacities in the youth development field, including: facilitating youth and adult learning experiences, managing youth programs, developing culturally responsive curriculum, and designing inclusive learning environments.

To prepare her for this work she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services with an emphasis in Adolescent Development. She is in the final stages of completing a Masters Degree in Education, Youth Development Leadership at the University of Minnesota, expected graduation May 2010. Here, she is investigating the roles of youth development organizations and strategies they can utilize to significantly impact the academic achievement gap. In addition to formal education, Nickyia has practical experience engaging with and organizing youth and families in underserved communities; in addition to developing and delivering an array of workshops and training experiences for youth and adults.

Her motivation and passion for this work stems from the lack of access and opportunity available to her growing up in the Summit-University of St. Paul. Two aspects of development central to her work are: 1) exploring personal and collective identities, and 2) exploring cultural difference.

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