What does it cost to use the DIA?
The DIA basic package starts at just $1000, with a minimum of 15 survey-takers per organization, and includes a summary report, a gap analysis report, and a facilitated debriefing discussion.
What if we don't have 15 employees?
We encourage you to include all kinds of organizational stakeholders in the DIA, not just employees. Board members, volunteers, vendors, clients, partners and other stakeholders may have valuable perspectives on your organization's cultural inclusiveness.
How long does it take to complete the DIA?
The average time it takes for a person to complete the DIA online is 20 minutes. Survey takers respond to 64 statements, eight statements in each of eight dimensions.
Will survey-takers be anonymous?
Yes. The Summary Report you will receive includes only aggregated results. No one but the DIA consultants will EVER have access to individual responses.
Can we get results disaggregated by department or function? By demographics?
Yes, if your organization is large enough and you plan ahead. Contact us for more information.
What about analysis or recommendations?
The Gap Analysis highlights accomplishments, opportunities and challenges, based on your DIA results. We can also facilitate strategic discussion of your DIA results with decision-makers and/or stakeholders. Contact us for more information.

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