CultureBrokers® LLC and Side by Side Associates, working together as DIAworks, offer a low-cost online tool designed to strengthen your ability to turn diversity challenges into opportunities. This tool, the Diamond Inclusiveness Assessment (DIA), is designed to help you better define and shape your organization’s cultural inclusiveness performance.
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Our DIA consultants can accompany you along every step of your organization’s journey toward cultural inclusiveness. We offer facilitation, planning and consulting services designed to support you in implementing the DIA, using the DIA results to clarify your diversity, inclusion and equity goals, and planning and taking strategic action.

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Launch or enhance diversity and inclusion strategy in your organization
The DIA is a low-cost instrument designed to help all kinds of organizations better define and shape their performance with culturally diverse employees, customers, and communities. It can be used by non-profit organizations, schools, businesses, government agencies and other groups who want or need to interact effectively with groups of people who are of different races, ethnicities and cultures.

Highlight, celebrate and institutionalize your organization’s intercultural strengths
The DIA pinpoints where survey-takers see your organization being inclusive. Knowledge of these “areas of strength” builds organizational pride, and gives employees and leaders authentic success stories to share. Further analyses provide insight into processes that could be applied to other areas of the organization that need improvement.

Set SMARTer goals
Good solutions are generated from good problem statements. The DIA helps frame diversity and inclusion challenges in a solvable manner. With a variety of results reports and engagement options, DIA consultants can help leaders develop more specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals.

How does the DIA work?

The DIA is a 64-question survey that any group can take online or in print. Survey-takers respond to a comprehensive set of statements, indicating the extent to which they observe each particular policy, behavior or situation in their organization. Summary and analysis reports can be generated at the group and organization levels. Reports are shared with leaders, survey-takers and stakeholders to generate key insights and shared meaning.

What can the DIA do for me?

The DIA was designed to be an inexpensive and easily accessible organizational scan. It is not intended as a definitive measure of cultural inclusion. Rather, the DIA is an invitation to begin collectively exploring all the ways your organizational systems impact intercultural relations and outcomes.Through group analysis of the DIA results, your organization can improve cross-cultural understanding, clearly identify areas of agreement, and more objectively address areas of disagreement.

How can I use the results?

• Highlight and celebrate areas of strength.
• Establish a baseline for performance.
• Engage stakeholders.
• Catalyze a diversity and inclusion effort.
• Guide and inform strategy and policy.
• Develop appropriate interventions.
• Choose consultants with appropriate expertise.
• Get a derailed program back on track.
• Jump-start a stalled program.
• Measure progress over time.

What is the basis for the DIA?
Our fifteen-plus years of collective consulting experience strongly suggests a culturally inclusive organization evolves through a set of thoughtful and coordinated actions that take into account the complex interconnectedness of your organization with its environment. We gathered dozens of behaviors that research and anecdotal evidence suggest are present in culturally inclusive organizations.

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